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Wordpress Themes are website templates which contain the look and feel of a website.

They are ideal for the non-programmer to be able to maintain, once they are initially setup. They have a built-in security which is of the highest level. They are expandable and customizable and are connected to special features which can be added, called "plugins". Most of them are fully responsive (so they look great on a cell phone, ipad or a large desktop computer) and last but not least, they are excellent for building online community through blogging.

I have personally used them to serve as a live broadcast television site and know they represent much of the best the World Wide Web has to offer in 2015.

The list on the right is just a small number of Wordpress Themes, to help you get a sense of the variety of options there are. There are actually thousands to choose from, and what I've learned, is that it is better to customize or build a theme then it is to try to find one that's already perfect for you. I'm here to help if you'd like the professional support.

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