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My personal WordPress journey has began in 2006. I had already been editing websites for three years with Microsoft FrontPage and five years with Adobe's web editing software, Dreamweaver, but in 2006 I dropped those editors and hopped on the WordPress train...and I've been riding those tracks ever since!

I've attended WordPress camps and have spent quite a lot of time on my own, learning and developing the skills of WordPress design and management. For seven years I managed a large church WordPress website and YouTube channel that hosted three to four live Internet television broadcasts per week which reached a large, international community. My job as a WordPress editor called upon frequent updates, graphic editing (Adobe Photoshop) and video editing (FrontPage and Adobe Premier Pro). Though no longer responsible for the content, design or reliability of their network, my legacy video and web editing work can be still be observed at http://www.mccla.org and especially its companion YouTube website, http://www.youtube.com/mcclatv.

My first five year period with WordPress was a time of exploration... "What can this thing do for me? How cool can I make this site?" In 2011 I began to respond to my Internet guest's needs with questions like "How can I make this site load as fast as possible? How can I get improve our search engine optimization? How can I facilitate maximum interactivity and online conversations? How can I give my online guests the best, cutting edge website evolution's best?"

It was really that last question that began to drive me to increase my skillset to move beyond editing and partial design to becoming a full-on WordPress developer. That's why I joined UCLA Extension's Advance Web and Interactive Design Certificate program in 2013, because WordPress took me far enough inside the wonderful world of the Internet to show me what was out there, but downloading plugins and buying fancy themes would never get me to the place where I really had control over all the areas of the screen, especially the need for utilizing the latest responsive design, MySQL database and PHP functionality to create the best experience possible when managing a large website with a growing passionate and interactive global audience.

At UCLA I learned to use the code editor, "Sublime Text" to directly manage HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, SASS to and to "lift the hood" on WordPress and begin to take control of the entire real estate of the Internet guests' monitors to deliver them the best possible website experience.

In the last year of my three years with UCLA I was exposed to Zurb Foundation'S framework, which compliments WordPress in creating what I think is the ultimate, cutting edge, responsive design websites and have become a part of both global Internet communities of engineers, graphic and web designers and programmers who are committed to realizing and forging the best offerings the Internet has to offer.

I think the most beautiful thing WordPress has to offer is that once a website has been set up by someone with programming and design expertise, others are able to manage and update the website for years at a time before the next update is necessary, empowering more and more people to engage in the online community of consumers, artists, activists, and spiritually-minded individuals to embrace new possibilities and joys never before available.

In addition to the possibility of non-programmers being able to update and maintain properly setup WordPress websites, security that is fitting for today's global needs are met with WordPress's heightened security and robust stability. I couldn't recommend WordPress more heartily or be more enthusiastic in supporting those who wish to utilize WordPress's offerings.

Please email me at jdsebastian7@gmail.com if you would like to embark on a new or improved WordPress journey with your website needs. I'd be happy to assist you.