As one can imagine, there were a number of incredibly intelligent and creative thinkers whose work became the magical World Wide Web. Tim Berner Lee invented HTML, but a couple of individuals were responsible for laying the groundwork before html could be invented, the baseline programming that underlines it all: TCP/IP, invented by Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn, TCP/IP is the deep level programming foundation on which all other languages float upon. They both happen to be American engineers who are alive and well today (2015).

Resources for Learning and Using CSS

• I highly recommend Chris Coyier and his website,

• My favorite CSS Book: HTML&CSS design and build websites by John Duckett

• Fast track reading-based learning on the web, I have found this website to be incredible... and free!

• I'd be sorely remiss if I didn't mention the "go to" page for getting quick info on anything related to HTML, well, at least it's mygo to:

• My last great find for HTML5 has been a free service that checks any page you have online and finds your mistakes, even the small ones that may not show up to your visitors, but might be undermining your coding success in other ways, such as search engine ranking, or how well your web page might be working on other devices: W3C Markup Validation Service