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I began my training in PHP and MySQL by attending a class at Mt Sierra College with the same professor who taught me HTML and CSS at UCLA, Mitchell Gohman. I continued honing in on these skills in a WordPress development class with Richard Barkins at UCLA.

Every page on this website is built with PHP, a language that works right within the HTML page, turning "on" and "off" long enough to accomplish its tasks, one of which is to allow the web developer to control all the navigation links from one page and have all other pages point to that page. Other services PHP provides include providing an interface for connecting our HTML pages with a MySQL database, providing the tools for allowing web pages to dynamically pull in content and also allowing the people, companies and organizations who own websites to elegantly and resourcefully display focused content from large pools of data, something like a website that has hundreds of videos, photos, articles or audio files.

Michael Widenius Father of MySQL Internet Database Software (brilliant)

Michael Widenius: Father of MySQL Internet Database Software

As the World Wide Web grew and as people, companies, organizations, schools and governments started becoming more active on the Internet and putting unimaginable amounts of information the need for database solutions that were just right for integrating with the other programming languages and other criteria specific to the Internet highways--lightness of file size--A man who loves his daughter "My" very much became the inventor of one of the most popular and widely-used databases for the web, Michael Widenius, we salute you.


PHP & MySQL go hand in hand to superpower the web with database functionality. PHP enhances regular HTML pages by making them more dynamic and able to interact with MySQL.