HTML5 is where it all begins when it comes to building web pages--it is the content and structure--the bricks and mortar--of every page.

Tim Berners-Lee - Father of HTML and the Internet (super hero)

Once TCP/IP created the possibility of computers talking to each other from far away distances to each other (and of course, in the same room) there arose a need for a language to make it all happen, a shared operating system, and this is where we introduce (and thank!!) Mr. Tim Berners-Lee!

Tim Berners-Lee gave the world HTML in the late 90s, not long ago, at all! Tim is alive, well and traveling and speaking and teaching. Google Tim, find out more about this brilliant revolutionary, or start off with my suggested article, below.

See my HTML5 Template Page

Suggested article: "Remembering the Day the World Wide Web Was Born"

For many years I developed and managed websites with editors and content management systems that enable on to edit websites without having to learn the code, but when I wanted to do something fancy like dropdown lists or special effects, these tools let me down. I knew I needed to learn the languages of the Internet and deal directly with the code but lacked the motivation…. until HTML5.

HTML”5” is simply the current iteration of HTML, alas: but HTML5 is so much more! HTML5 puts strong emphasis on Internet video and audio. This is what caught my eye and drove me deeper into laying hold of this language. HTML5 also provides more tools which can help the content of your web pages yield higher and more accurate search results by search engines.

I recommend to anyone new to learning the languages of the Internet to take a class with a real live professor. I’m forever grateful for Mitchell Gohman, the UCLA professor who taught me HTML and CSS. It was a difficult leap to become an Internet programmer and it is so helpful to have someone to ask for help when you don’t understand something.

In addition to taking a class—or in lieu of it—I recommend these resources which I have found to be pure HTML treasures:

Resources for Learning and Using HTML5 (Click Here)

Resources for Learning and Using HTML5

• I recommend

• A young, friendly and very articulate man named Nick Pettit will gently guide you through all of the foundational skills of using HTML and you'll have friendly mini-tests to take between videos to help you get a working knowledge along the way. The cost is low (around $25 per month) and they allow you to download the video files--very helpful!

• My favorite HTML Book: HTML&CSS design and build websites by John Duckett

• Fast track reading-based learning on the web, I have found this website to be incredible... and free!

• I'd be sorely remiss if I didn't mention the "go to" page for getting quick info on anything related to HTML, well, at least it's mygo to:

• My last great find for HTML5 has been a free service that checks any page you have online and finds your mistakes, even the small ones that may not show up to your visitors, but might be undermining your coding success in other ways, such as search engine ranking, or how well your web page might be working on other devices: W3C Markup Validation Service