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WordPress--in my opinion--is nothing less than a revolution when it comes to the world wide web.

Thought it be true that there are many options for getting your own personal website up on the web, I have not witnessed anything as powerful... and free (open source)... as WordPress.

It might be interesting to know that it's author--Matt Mullenwig--is handsome and friendly fellow from San Francisco. Matt came up with this "content management system" (aka "CMS") which made it easy for anyone to make a website without any programming skills. I imagine Matt could have made millions off of his creation, but instead, he offered it to the world as an open source software gift. Since then, hundreds of millions of WordPress users have enjoyed a growing, vibrant worldwide community and many gifted programmers have followed in Matt's footsteps and freely provided "plugins" (like mini programs) that are designed to work perfectly within WordPress, giving the end user (is that you?) the ability to have dynamic, interactive and secure websites with no cost except for hosting, the yearly rental of your domain name, and the moderate upfront cost--if you elect--to have someone such as myself come alongside to help you customize your website to reflect exactly what you want to present to the world.

WordPress Themes are website templates which contain the look and feel of a website.

They are ideal for the non-programmer to be able to maintain, once they are initially setup. They have a built-in security which is of the highest level. They are expandable and customizable and are connected to special features which--as previously stated--can be added, called "plugins". Most of them are fully responsive (so they look great on a cell phone, iPad or a large desktop computer) and last but not least, they are excellent for building online community through blogging.

I have set up WordPress websites to serve as live broadcast Internet television stations, radio stations, ecommerce stores, photo archives, and blogging portals supporting communities of interactive participators. Because I am also a graphic editor (I use the current version of Adobe Photoshop), and because I have 15 years’ experience using WordPress and working with themes, I can really hone in on what you're trying to get your website to look like and to do.

The costs for this type of up-front customization depends on the scope of your needs, but in keeping with the open source world of WordPress, I do all I can to make it feasible for my clients whenever possible. And the turnaround time can range from one week to one month, depending on how much is involved.

For a few examples of WordPress websites I have customized, please follow the links mentioned on the home page of this website.

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