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Javascript and jQuery

JavaScript is next in line after HTML and CSS. It brings variables, functions and a blithesome dose of math into the equation. Its creator, Brendan Eich is also the founder of the popular Internet browser, Firefox.

•If you're viewing this web page on a computer (as opposed to a mobile device) try using your mouse to draw something on this sketch pad to see just one example of JavaScript in action.

jQueryis a JavaScript "framework"--a library of prewritten JavaScript code and additional enhancements. (the official website for jQuery) reports that as of 2014 "jQuery’s core library is used by more than 61 percent of the top 100,000 sites"

Other popular JavaScript libraries are Angular.JS, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Modernizr.js and Node.js.

Resources for Learning and Using JavaScript

• I have found two exceptional video training websites--and the gifted teachers who appear on those videos--that are particular to JavaScript:

• A truly "rock n' roll" contemporary, youthful and helpful web school to attend for their JavaScript track is . CodeSchool has a "JavaScript Roadtrip" to take you on which you can sample for free.

• Well worth the price of admission ($29 currently) is the JavaScript and JQuery video training course on "The Lodge" where Chris Coyier with his friendly and informative manner will walk you through understanding both JavaScript and one of its most popular library, jQuery:

• Fast track reading-based learning on the web, I have found this website to be incredible... and free!

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