I've tread a long road of technology... and I've loved every step along the way!

You and I live in a world where data:

graced by creative and intelligent design,

can be used for exciting and meaningful purposes.

It's my ongoing desire and proclivity to serve alongside others in accomplishing this end goal.

In the early 90s, I sold personal computers and other digital consumer electronics at "The Good Guys," which was located at the Beverly Connection in Los Angeles. I followed that with a network engineering degree at the Computer Learning Center. As part of our course, I and my fellow classmates became Certified Novell Engineers, Microsoft Professionals and A++ Technicians.

In the years to follow, I managed database systems, administered local area networks, became a video editor and website programmer, specializing in online video and Internet television broadcast productions.

I enjoy freelance filming and video editing, sometimes with the exciting opportunity to add sounds from a synthesizer to add a soundtrack for exciting, short videos for the web, such as the ones on a website I produce at WEPT.TV and a few others up there on "good 'ol" YouTube.

Three years ago I made it through UCLA's Advanced Web and Interactive Design certificate program, sharpening essential Internet programming skills, UX Design, Social Media and Application development. Upon web school graduation I began my current career of freelancing video, graphic and web production.

If you'd like, take a look at some of these custom WordPress websites I built for my esteemed clients and good friends, biologist and inventor Charles Malki IV Organics, who is also a real estate agent Malki Realty, and a website for a famous (and wonderful) author, Reverend Dr. Mel White.

These past two years (2016 - 2017) has had my focus almost exclusively centered on Apple's flagship database and integrated mobile app program, FileMaker Pro. I've not only become a certified developer for this platform: I've become a huge fan. I hope to transform this website you are now viewing into a FileMaker-powered website. I want to explore and showcase what is possible in the teaming up of a smart and user-friendly desktop database program like FileMaker Pro with a dynamic, secure and interactive website, pushing and pulling data to and from the web, then working with that data in meaningful and practical ways.

Thank you for allowing me to share this introduction with you. My "technical road" is a path that's only just begun and I anticipate the best is still yet to come! Perhaps our paths will cross and we'll get to work together to explore what's possible, together. I'm not the one that has all the answers, but I have a good set of technical tools that tend to assist others in very positive, exciting and productive outcomes.

Please email me at JDSebastian7@gmail.com Include your phone number if you'd like me to call you, otherwise I'll be more than happy to communicate with you online. Thanks! JD

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